Kitchen Workstation – A Small Solution In The Small House

Situated in a small, cramped space, the kitchen is the central piece of the home. It’s a space where functionality and efficiency are prioritized and where the needs of the inhabitants are not ignored. It’s where a small kitchen is useful, practical and multifunctional. The Kallax House is a small but very practical home. It was designed by Kokaiterli and Munku Design and it can also be considered a DIY project. The kitchen drawers are white while the cabinetry is a completely new concept.

The Kallax House was designed so its interior can be modified and reconfigured. That includes the peg boards as well as most of the furniture. The drawers were specially designed to be used in pairs or groups of four, six or eight and there’s actually room for three small items in between. In this case it was important to keep the boring décor core element and the small features that are not absolutely necessary but that are either too much to bite off. It’s the case of the mini oven and three shelves/ cubbies set on a wall adjacent to it that accommodate wooden planks.

The house is not exactly great at simplicity but in fact it’s cozy and inviting at the same. The kitchen keeps its neutral and minimalist appearance simple and it’s decorated with potted plants for a bit of color. The house has four zones. The first is the living space, a closed area with beautiful views and a corner where all the activities take place. It’s a cozy area with a low table, low-hanging chair and bar stools.

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