Kitchen Sink Picture By Geremia Design

When we are throwing open our doors to go into long and narrow rooms we discover that we have lost their connection with nature completely. Imagine what a fresh air, perfectly blended with the warmth of a fireplace, the sound of the fireplace and the light passing through the doors. This fresh air of Mineko design, designed by Geremia Design, is what a kitchen unveils. The sink is situated on an upper storage surface supported by 7 glasses. There are separate canals that allow the user to check the items “marked” on the glass for later in the day or for leaving certain objects untouched.

Above this canals are lowered or secured with metal strips which can be locked. Or, at the top of the canals, a lighted metal sheet harkens from another era, but in another context it is still modish and ironic. If you add a funny book there it will look great. It is all about making the only thing that says you are out of control!

Kitchen Sink Picture By Geremia Design Photo 4

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