Wooden Cat Bed With Sliding Inside Storage

Storage is very important, especially for your pets. You might not realize but you have a lot of clothes and toys in the house and this is what usually keeps your little ones occupied. But there’s also another matter which needs to be solved: storage. You need to have a place for your pet’s toys. If it’s a big cat or there’s a dog that will love it, then you can have special containers and perhaps put a toy bed within the reach of your choice.

Cats love to climb so hide it in a simple hiding place. This cat bed is a great solution for this problem. It allows your little cat to be perfectly comfortable and, if needed, you can add a planters on top. It’s a very cute toy bed that imitates a tree and a cat stand. It gives your pet the chance to climb in and it also makes your job easier. The materials needed are: nylon, acrylic acrylic paint, mod podge, an orbital band for detailing the edges and four mesh fabric scissors to secure the pieces together.Available for $109.

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