Modern Tv Cabinets From Bonifacio – The TV Cabinet

TV furniture is an important part of our lives and one of the important reasons for that is the fact that our TV set is constantly being filled with all sorts of gadgets and we hardly ever have enough space for them all. Sometimes we even wish to have a TV inside us and we never even have enough space for them. Now, more than ever, furniture manufacturers are doing the same. The Italian furniture company, Bonifacio offers you the opportunity to create your very own TV cabinet from a single flat panel. There are various products on the market and the manufacturer’s website is not public anymore. Still, it’s not impossible.

The Bonifacio TV cabinet is an eye-catching piece capable to steal all the attention, both in terms of looks and functionality. The design is simple, but impressing. It surprises through the random combination of colors and combination of materials, that details such as the wooden shape, the texture or the way the black and dark wood stand out.

Modern Tv Cabinets From Bonifacio – The TV Cabinet Photo 2

Of course, the main purpose is not the furniture itself but the cabinet. It was the little pieces that got all these compartments into an unusual structure. Not only that it’s an almost invisible piece of furniture, but that it’s also very well designed. By clever organisation the the the item you see is placed on just two sides of the cabinet. This has created space for the devices that are hidden within the black and dark wood cabinet, being left uncovered.

Modern Tv Cabinets From Bonifacio – The TV Cabinet Photo 4

This is not a cabinet disguised as a beautiful piece of furniture. The switched box is one of the two designs that use the TV as a background and by doing that it creates a very well balanced and visually appealing atmosphere in the room, especially when the furniture is minimalist and optically available. It is definitely a cool piece that will instantly help you decorate your living room in style. Don’t you just love it?

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