Cowhide Lamp Shade By Teri

These soaps, soap dispensers, bandchairs and so on, but we’ve never seen one of them before. Well, you’re not so far off the mark. The designer Teri Yaeong of JAPAN-up Design took an antique piece of furniture and transformed it into a mini lamp shade. It looks amazing and it will certainly be a conversation piece for your home.

This unique lamp shade has a very interesting texture and pattern and this gives it a very stylish and modern look. It looks like a bunch of milk glass pieces of like shape that hold the light bulb. The water cascades from the rim and then falls on the lampshade and breaks it so the light bulb hangs right in the piece. It’s amazing how many possible combinations there are. This is something you might like to display in a more modern home. It’s also something that you might like to offer as a gift for someone.

If you’re fascinated by the more traditional and rustic soap dispensers you should also know that this beautiful lamp shade costs under 1000. It’s relatively inexpensive and it can be customized. Just follow the same pattern for the shade and you’ll get a unique item for your home. It’s one of those novelty items that add character to the house and make it feel cozy.

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