Square Cubby Shelves – A Simple And Fun Solution For The Problem Of Book Storage

Bookshelves are very helpful in any room. But actually, the shape of the bookshelves makes them extremely versatile and modular. And based on this idea, we found a very lovely idea for a DIY unit for the home.The shelving unit with the top open. Now let’s see how to make it. You’ll need 2 bookshelves, some wood stain and a large nail, a rotary saw, a drill, wood glue and a ruler.

First measure and then make the triangular shape of the shelving unit. Nail the corner in wood glue and then sand the fronts of the shelves so they look evenly and will not peel. Screw the two pieces together and add the rest of the pieces. Then decide how you want to display your shelves. Once that part is done you can stain them. Then attach a 6-foot-long piece of wood stain to the back of each shelf and attach it to the bottom. The joint between the shelves is cut 1-1/2” off the opposite end. Nail holes will be important for the booksend. Place your shelves in between the holes and use a drill to make sure the joint is even.

The partial bookend shape into a shallow bowl or using string or twine to tie the books along the bristle wood. The Nido bookcase is perfect to use on your hallway or entryway. When guests enter, they should make a comment that this unit is beautiful. They will be hit by the plant “room” when they go in, noting that it is green and stylish, too.

Of course, the combination of shelves is just one of the possibilities. You could build a whole plant stand for your book collection. The fact that it will only be functional for one night of the week is a big perk for this unit. You could use this as a console table for the living room or even as a regular desk for your child’s room. The plant stand could be near a window and you could turn it in a small bedroom. Either way, the whole arrangement is nice to look at.

For the dining room, you could turn this nice half open bookshelves into a nice half enclosure for the dishes. Or you could even use these ones for the cabinet on which you can hang a frame, clothes hangers and lots of other things. Put a shelf or two in the corner of the room and create a nice sitting area right on the corner. The shelf can be more than just a place to store lots of books. It can also be an addition to the already existing furniture.

When you have room to store things all in one place, you need a way to organize them and to create a nicely balanced look. Shelves and cubbies are just the tiny details you need to make a similar look. Let this design by Silpour studio look cool. The geometric design is complemented by a soothing palette of colors and tones. The geometric shelves are the biggest attraction, with the even smaller ones used for storage and decorations.

Another cool feature to have in one of the corners of the room is these small shelves. They go from wall to wall and can occupy an entire wall. The shelves are very cleverly integrated into the furniture and they can be bigger or smaller, depending on your needs and the area you want to highlight.

The corner is often neglected. Even though the little spaces between the walls and the floor are perfect for this, there’s no good that could bring them to light. So here’s another lovely design, this time by Tallo din Alcázar Arquitectos. The way the shelves and the back and the wall panels intersect is really simple and really elegant.

The exact shelves you see in this image, they’re actually modular and do not have handles. A perfect design which allows them to be removed and made more special with each passing season. The design is created by Javier Wardle Interior Design and was created for a young couple and their future children.

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