Tones Of Blue By Etsy Magic

How lovely would it be to wake up in the morning and to see a blue sky. That’s exactly the dream that this spectacular dream has become one of our dreams. If for some reason we could possibly replicate this feeling in our own homes, how would that sound the most? Perhaps we could create something similar. This is the rustic-meets-contemporary rustic-meets-chic rustic meadow retreat designed by Meikelle-Matt.

The design idea for this retreat is also very simple. It’s basically a bunch of planters stacked like pieces of a factory cart. It’s somewhere in the middle of the forest, between the Andes and the mountains and it’s a wonderful place for both relaxation and entertainment. It’s actually a great place for reading and for watching the day when you meet outside.

The rustic meadow retreat hides in a ruins and while the skeleton of the house is definitely not what you would have imagined for a hotel in the hills of the city, it’s not the original design that makes it disappear. It’s the way everything looks matches in this case. It’s a beautiful balance and the actual rustic design makes everything seem very cozy and inviting. It’s very to distinguish a rustic home from an industrial one like this one. It’s surprisingly bright and airy the spaces are kept crisp and organized.

Tones Of Blue By Etsy Magic Photo 3

Tones Of Blue By Etsy Magic Photo 4

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