Submerged Fire Pit By Steve Shaheen

Contrary to the common belief, fire pits are not very common in Canada and for good reason. Canada is home to a multitude of traditional fire pits, some of which date back to the late 19th century and some still in use. It’s also the location that is in great need of major attention. The Fincavern, as it is called, was designed by Steve Shaheen. Before that, it used to be just a simple fire pit that could not be altered by any contemporary improvements and whenever there were issues with that, he would make them little more accessible.

This unusual, floating fire pit was created by Steve Shaheen, the one named after the original Steve Jobs. The process was quite simple. The sear marks were made first and after that adjusted and changed everything to make it more suitable for the area, not only the original item.

Submerged Fire Pit By Steve Shaheen Photo 2

The fire pit features a spacious seating area with a couple of stools next to it. It has a simple design and a comfortable structure. The stools have faux leather upholstery and they only use wood in order to look natural and elegant. It’s a very fun seating décor for kids and not just small children. It’s a great idea especially for fun outdoor gatherings. The dimensions of this lovely fire pit are 34?H X 29.1?W X 28?D.Available for $4000.

Submerged Fire Pit By Steve Shaheen Photo 3

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