Future House Design An Unique Environment

This house has a very unusual shape. It’s an expansion, a building that is not visible from the street unless you’re very far away. This is one of the major and perhaps the most ingenious designs that architects Bence Parker and David HartleBerry came up with. The house was designed in 2003 by Alfredo Häberli Architecture and its name is actually very suggestive as the panels with copper facades. They’re a sort of fence that insulates the house from all the heat as well as offers protection against the sun.

The shed designed by Daniel Octios y Castellanos is a futuristic home that was completed in 2007. The design is very expressive. One of the most eye-catching elements is the twisting walls which are characteristic of the all-glass loft apartments. They wrap around the sides and go up and form a wall that curves and blocks the light and the views.

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Like a lot of other contemporary houses, the Villa Topazz is separated from the living areas on the ground floor by the suspended floor-terrace. This volume is glazed on two sides and has a facade that features panoramic views on three sides. The top floor has its own access to a terrace. It also has access to the lap pool.

This is Casa M, a residence located intight conditions which has a design which focuses on the relationship with the setting, the landscape and the views. The house is lifted on a base metal frame and the spaces on the ground floor make the transition to the upper level which is a concrete structure made of concrete masonry. The middle level is a suspended volume clad or white cubic brick. The ground floor also has a timber structure and large windows and glass surfaces and this volume forms the back rooms of the house and the front ones. All these spaces frame wonderful views of the sea.

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