Sauna Shower Combination From Van Der Meilliter

Today’s inspired work is the Sauna shower unit from Van Der Meilliter. This unique combination bathroom design features a chic design with clean lines and a bold curved front. Available in a range of hot hues, the shower combines a slim silhouette with nature, creating a very functional and space-saving design.

This innovative shower unit features a wall mounted design, letting the user take the lead position and choose from a range of green tones and hues as well as select colors imported from the Fashion App region of Germany and the Exhibition in Germany. Available in a standard or exclusive size, the unit ships in three-packs, offering multiple shower units and multiple storage in a convenient solution. Whether you choose to mix it with the rest of your bathroom design or bring it together, it will be just as stylish, taking up your decor in beauty and style.

The Brunner shower system combines sleek elements that combine a hand operated, touch sensitive motorizedipper and a flexible hose attachment with a knob made from brushed nickel. Available with a handle that looks like a small knurled cable, the Brunner shower system is a full flexible hose, including a separate control knurling for a flexible handheld jet. And if you love brass accents and sleek modern lines, you’ll adore the Brunner shower system. Check out the Brunner shower system at van Der Meilliter.

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