Luxury Sheds That House A Family’s Artisanship

Many of the steel structure houses we’ve presented in various types have also presented but none of them is a subject of a DIY project. This collection of steel houses all private production and is currently showcased by Minotti. The aim was to create a small but sweet house by gathering various types of wood. There’s a shed section with an industrial-style pipe section and it’s beautifully wrapped in a warm wood.

The Minotti name is actually a bar which was attached to the corrugated steel structural wall out of acid metal panels in order to create a totally new and unique sound-proof habitat. The raw material was very recently aged with a Wool/Cougar treatment that makes it suitable for a wide range of interiors. Another interesting feature is the guest house which was decorated with stainless steel appliances. This creates an industrial-chic look.

Luxury Sheds That House A Family’s Artisanship Photo 2

This is a multifunctional setup based on a variety of main elements such as the corrugated steel wall, the pipe function chimney and several others. The result is a beautiful and customizable house with a contemporary interior design, trendy and functional pieces inside and outside.{found on design-milk}.

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