Small Space Bed

A small bedroom is not always the ideal environment for a bed. There are ways in which you can compensate for that and here’s one example. This small apartment has a minimalist design and the problem is very simple: a bed and a shelf underneath. Moreover, there are also other great ideas in this case. This time it’s a small bedroom or a more secluded version of this loft.

The element that usually separates a bedroom from a living space is the bed. Because this is the room near the floor level it’s usually a space with large windows but sometimes it’s better to have the bed close to the floor instead of the walls. So in this case two identical beds were cleverly integrated into a large platform. Underneath the bed there are storage compartments for things like books, blankets, even clothes.

In the case of this apartment, the windows are not particularly large. However, the solution was to have a series of small shelves mounted on the wall above the windows. This way most of the furniture is hidden and it’s a nice contrast with the bed and the rest of the furniture. It’s a minimalist and modern solution. In order to provide the benefit of electricity and to also solve the lighting problem, a folding table across from the bed was designed with two chairs. It provides useful storage space for books, CDs and DVDs and it also serves as a home work area.

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