Wooden Tree House In The Forest

This modern home was designed to replace the old tree house. There weren’t any big changes in structure either. The reason for that was the location. The house is situated in a clearing between the forest and the glade of the valley that is visible from the street. The owners decided to consolidate the house in a way that would help it blend and match with the terrain, to make it affordable and there was the biggest challenge to keep unobstructed. They worked on this project designed by Bureau V at a respected Romanian architect.

The biggest concern was to create the ultimate contrast between the old and the new, the most important element in this case. They kept the trees as part of their project but at the same time have a clear image of what they’re doing that is expressing what they evolve.

They built this beautiful residence on a plot that measures 500 square meters and they wanted it to be in sync with the nature. Of course, this wasn’t easy to achieve. After all, trees are lovely building materials and they should be so much loved that people give them a chance to succeed in building their home. The house they designed is built on a steep site that overlooks a small riverbank. It occupies a corner site and it also forms a nook underneath the house facing the river. In this sense it becomes a whole different type of tree house.

It was envisioned as a concept, it can only be used in winter and it can be rented by the couple who manages the project. It’s a modest but also very cozy and inviting place where the owners can relax and go on busy days. Despite its location and the fact it’s only a prototype, the house is designed to meet all the conditions and requirements required by the client, a couple completely seeking for the ultimate possibilities.

For the exterior, a classic, simple, old fashioned style dominates the building with big, eye-catching profiles. The ramp-like entrance is an eye-catching element. Inside it is divided into two distinct areas. One includes the social functions and the guest bedroom. The second includes functions such as the kitchen, living and dining areas and the study room. The study can open to the outside space out through a cut out window and is connected to them. Fully-secured and with full-height glass doors, it becomes another room of the house.

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