Storage Container Cabinetry For The Bedroom

For the kids’ room there’s always something fun to play and storage containers is always a good idea. You can buy them some small storage containers and customize them using acrylic paint or you can use them as pencil holders. We found a wonderful series of containers called Hollywood glamour and it’s called Prestige. The things that make this collection particularly attractive are the details that have a big impact on the room.

The constellation system is inspired by Hollywood Regency drama and it’s a glamorous series of storage containers crafted from a series of secured triangles or with thin metal rods instead of the common thread metal. The warm tones of the rope combined with the golden color of the base create a glamorous design that also manages to look sophisticated.

The portion of the storage container filled with coins placed into the letters features a built-in lighting feature that highlights the contrast between the exterior of the container and the interior design of the container. The colors chosen for the letters are dark metallic brown, green, yellow or pink but the texture matters a bit as well. The dried branches of the fruit are not particularly relevant here but they add a nice touch to the décor.

Storage Container Cabinetry For The Bedroom Photo 3

All the decorative and practical storage containers, whether they’re for toys, coloring books or craft supplies, are lined in plastic so they don’t take up space on the floor. I particularly like the way they look like in this shelf.{found on designlovefest}.

Storage Container Cabinetry For The Bedroom Photo 5

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