Modern Flower Vase, Bold Porcelain

The “Peking Chair” is by Paulie Mele and is a very special and interesting ceramic piece. It is unique and different, unique because it is made entirely of porcelain. Actually it is a very light ceramic, which is encased in a wooden frame and which having a very nice patina that gives the piece character. The ceramic is further encased in a ceramic bowl that is round, having only one or two exceptions in their design, the finishing touch of the shape. The chair is very simple and delicate, with traditional features and delicate carved details. The chair is available in a great variety of finishes and ceramic pieces.

The ceramic is carefully selected because it looks great in it and you can have it either as a single piece or in a set of three, five or ten pieces. The chair is now available in a bright and vibrant ceramic rainbow that will probably never get out of fashion.

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