The Barn House In The Forest

Not many people would like to live in a barn, especially after they’ve been exposed to a higher temperature year-round. However, regardless of the location or the conditions in the area where you live, there’s no way you can actually build such a barn. The story behind this structure is quite unusual as it’s not something you could have imagined in this area.

The barn is located on a rock but there’s no good reason for that to be. The site on which the building was built is situated in the mountains and this allowed the architects to have great success on building the actual structure. This building was designed to blend and mix looks with function. It has a contemporary design but it still keeps a close and collective connection with the surrounding landscape.

The barn has a total floor area of 1300 square meters. It’s oriented towards the river and it has large openings on both sides. The interior is organized in several compartments, each with a distinct function. The interior walls are covered with barn wood and the ceiling is covered with stone. The structure is composed of two volumes. Completely made of wood the volumes are independent structures which also have a strong connection with the surroundings and nature. Together they form a rustic retreat.

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