Grey Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

If you feel like you’re in an unfinished cottage, then here’s a suggestion for you. It’s a lovely and also very easy to make kitchen cabinets that look as you like. All you need is to buy two large boards and to attach them to a wall or to your kitchen island. This way you will have the necessary piece to serve as a work surface and you’ll create a beautiful focal point in your kitchen. The paint used for this project can be selected many colors like bright nuances, pastels, neutrals, bright colors or something more dynamic and colorful.

For example, you can choose to use bright red instead of the usual light such as white or beige. You’ll need to gently cover the boards with some 100% cotton matara from designer Boho Home Baby Linen and go with a ruler to measure the length and width. After that, the edges are covered with 100% cotton slip cotton canvas. After that you have to figure out the detail regarding the color of the color and the dimensions. This way the ceiling will look really nice and you’ll also get to choose the hardware. This way you’ll easily be able to make your kitchen look more pleasant. First you will need the furniture. This is the Ikea Klancos.

Grey Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Photo 3

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