Emu Patio Furniture For Eco-friendly Patio

Located in Riga Fjord island, Latvia is the paved Porcelander Square that is the largest wooden patio in the Middle East. After having been almost destroyed by a fire, the patio became a beautiful and comfortable oasis of peace and relaxation. The design of the square is created by Corben Architects and has a great impact. The construction is modified and green-certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in 2016, which made the patio stand up to the surrounding landscape.

The square is covered by a modular pavement, very soft and comfortable to touch. On the left side there is a linear 2 –w drive surface with an opening for water, which gives the patio a clean, fresh look, perfect for the reduced- expenditure of water to water your patio (zero in the case of the pool). On the other hand, on the right side are two concrete planters, one for water and one for water, perfect for the wet place as well.

Emu Patio Furniture For Eco-friendly Patio Photo 2

There is a smooth frameless glass curtain that allows the breeze and sunlight to flow through the square, the same concept used in the patio in the large square paved patio. The square paved patio can be a very intimate and intimate place, perfect for relaxation, discussion with friends, or simply playing others’ designs designs at the al fresco dining area.

All the pieces of furniture, from tables to sofas and stools, are low-cost, low maintenance, and made of light-resistant materials, asian plexiglass and recyclable polyethylene. The large patio, which occupies a 6 x 7m space, is perfect for parties, parties even if you don’t have children!

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