Architecture Ideas For The World’s Cities

Industrial architecture is not usually known for their sophisticated designs and for the diversity of materials and finishes used in their creations. For example, few cities even offer areas with an industrial look. Yet there are plenty of examples of buildings that managed to spark the imagination and for good reason.

In the world of architecture, this is known as the Stair valley because it inspired the architects of the Pritzker Prize. They were awarded the prize in the competition to include this beautifully built cube in the outer.

The main Chinese or Pitzmills spiral staircase was one of the main ideas accepted at the project. It has a minimalist design and another interesting detail is the fact that the laser-cut pattern gives the staircase a sculptural look. The spiral structure is illuminated from behind with the two colors white and blue. The spiral is made of steel so it is strong enough to carry weight around and also lightweight.

In the case of the MöcTalk staircase, the main ingredient for success was the spiral structure. Completed in 2010, the staircase was designed with a lightweight inner steel frame and a sturdy wooden installation system. The approach was to use simple, raw materials, more specifically, a combination of galvanized steel and wood.

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The main step followed after which would add new life to the three-dimensional staircase. The spiral staircase is reinforced with cables that are made of steel and zinc and they are fully prepared for the 2012 IMM Cologne show with a plywood handrail.

Studio Mode Office envisioned the staircase as a sculptural piece of furniture complemented by a minimalist steel handrail and a simple and quiet light fixture. The direction followed by the design made it stand out in a really different way. First of all, the steel handrail is different from the parallel posts that most staircases have in their enclosures but this detail in a natural manner are visible, making the stairs stand out in a dramatic way.

The project fazees you with a double-volume void cut into the main facade and a staircase that leads to the bedroom. The concrete lining defines both the small and the big openings, both in plan and section. In the living room, a large void is cut into the wall to double-enery the height of the space. This void has no balustrade as the designers were able to use aluminum screens.

The staircase that leads to the upper floor has balustrades that are also made of concrete. The section of the staircase open on one side and is divided only by a large opening that accommodates the night area. The social areas were placed on the ground level and on a first-floor level. The space that is released into the exterior landscape was used both for relaxation and entertainment.

A staircase with no balustrade goes from the ground level of the social spaces up to the roof. The opening is made of perforated steel, in order to bring an enigmatic lightness and at the same time maintain the glass windows for thermal comfort.

The sloping roof is constructed of local wood, making it also the continuation of the interior staircase that connects the two floors.

The glazed facades create a dialogue between the interior and the exterior and have a great impact on the panoramic views that we can admire. The exterior has a geometrical design and the same for the interiors.

The social areas on both sides of the staircase look like a natural continuation of the exterior on the other side of the glass walls and the flat roof creates the main point of connection between spaces.

A walkway leads from one side to the other and over the top of the sloping roof creating a continuation of the interior staircase wall that embraces the glass facade.

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