Basement Idea Photos By Rogerseller

For those who lovephotos, they are an indispensable item in every house and they are not just for offices, too. For those who would like to add color and print to your walls, for those who travel a lot, here it is an interesting idea. It is a collection of photos that cover a basement. It is called Rogerseller and it was designed by Richard Koff.

Rogerseller is a collection of photographs that cover a large open wall, reminding you of the travel of old photographs in order to get an idea of the message that was displayed on the walls.The photos may also be arranged for a more elaborate design, like a reverse teases panel, used for holding a message in place.

It is a piece of furniture that meets all the functions that a modern person needs in his home. It can become an extremely useful piece for your home as a reminder of important people that have already passed by your house and have now come to call your attention to these pieces. All you have to do is prepare yourself of the necessary and most effective items that will fit your house and will make you feel comfortable.

Basement Idea Photos By Rogerseller Photo 4

Basement Idea Photos By Rogerseller Photo 5

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