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Kitchen floor plans are one of the most important areas of the house and a very important detail. Not only the ceiling and walls of the kitchen are as important as it is, but the floor is equally important. If you have a spacious kitchen, you want to create an airy and bright area. If your kitchen is small, if its floor is made of wooden boards, or you prefer a more modern and minimalistic approach, take a look at pictures for inspiration.

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First of all, you need to calculate how much space your kitchen has before selecting the actual wall, the wall cabinets and all the little elements. The key is knowing what to work with, what you want and having it fulfill your demands. For example, a luxury kitchen includes a large refrigerator and a freezer with sliding doors, most often in the “hidden” position. But the kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to occupy that much space, not if you have plenty of storage space, which is important too.

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The kitchen floor should be as simple as possible. This way, you can see the elements and not lack everything. If you want practical and also elegant look, add some stools as well as a kitchen island.

The floor is also an important part of this kitchen’s design. You want the kitchen floor to be as airy, cozy and safe as possible. To achieve that without all the extras, you would have to also use a small electric cooktop. Check the photos for more details.

The floor looks so nice and smooth, it seems like a natural part of the whole kitchen. It’s a seamless transition between the past and the present and it won’t interrupt the décor either. To save even more space and to coordinate the kitchen with the dining table, you can use the lower cabinets.

Kitchen islands, regardless of their type, can only fit in a particular spot. However, once a particular spot is chosen it starts to take shape and to take shape little by little until you have a modern and stylish island. As far as the storage go, there are several options. One of them is the island credenza which you can use to store and to organize things like extra kitchenware between the dishes or between two cabinet doors. Cda furniture has a nice and modern design with elegant features.

A similar system can be used for the dining table. The decision to use the drawers for all the dining table’s accessories and the knives and the other things is a decision you only want to make while saving space. The island has plenty of hidden storage as well as a nice open shelf.

The back of the island doesn’t necessarily contain storage but rather a picture frame or shelf. Next to it there’s the TV stand which can an interesting space for additional things. The cabinet has integrated storage for things like books and the lamp on the nightstand is also there just in case you want to turn it into a nightstand.

The island is the element which usually gets us closer to the kitchen. As we before, the kitchen island is a great space for a breakfast or a work station. The space is big enough to accommodate a table and chairs and underneath it all there there’s storage for extra equipment. It’s a cozy space with built-in appliances, a pantry and generous storage spaces.

When you only usually get to use one place like the kitchen island or the bathroom, you need to customize them somehow. To make the space as cozy and inviting as possible, you can have a cozy breakfast nook, closed cabinets, built-in shelves and plenty of storage cubbies and shelves. Make sure there’s enough natural light in the room.

Every kitchen needs a central island. Since the space is small, there shouldn’t be any drawers or open storage spaces throughout. The best strategy is to separate the sinks and other elements by walls. They can each come slightly differently part of the kitchen but they all share in common a special relationship.

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