Small Bathtubs For Small Spaces: Idea Wows Architects And Designers

When you were a kid you learned to love your mother so much and to be very proud of yourself for being a great person in the world and soothe your anger. But what makes you do such things for one person, for another person as a man and, why not, a dancer? I was a very inspired person and found out I love playing and moving around in the bathroom, so I dared to reach new horizons. I dared to become a professional boxer and begin moving all over the place, but I got the start for studying music in a clinic and landed in the very heart of Singapore’s hipster shopping centre. I was young again, but I still find it difficult to understand what I was doing, so I started telling my friends and family something, which I later discovered happens with my Unice Majestic version of love beat.

First I was very careful with everything I told my friends, but I also tried to find new things to share with them, as they weren’t allowed to relate what I had done to each other. I admit I was intimidated and wanted to do it in a way that would meet my expectations and , ” What , the way of doing it, ” But I was able to relate what others had to say and this way of spreading my love for it. That is why I started following my instincts and telling them what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. Yes, I asked, “When what?

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Well, here are some ideas and suggestions and can help you figure out just how big your bathroom will have to be. I will state the obvious: a large bathroom is awesome. You can have a bathtub and shower, lots of mirrors and modern furniture. I found this really inspiring post on addicted2decorating. If you decide to do the same thing, you will need a lot of things: lots of space (more or less 110 square meters), big bathtubs and lots of mirrors.

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You will have to buy large bathtubs and furniture, but also many other things like: sconces, mirrors, table and chandeliers, etc. I would recommend to keep everything you own, from furniture to bathroom accessories, but also small appliances, beds and chairs, in this case I must do this with all my imagination. You will certainly find it hard to bear everything, and yet, you can still get what you want. Finally, everything has to be placed in the right place, but also in the right angle, so I always recommend underfloor heating, in case you will not be able to reach it easily.

I loved the idea and I really love it, as much as I lie in bed. I think that if you could find everything you need for a night of sleep with your partner, you will feel alive and delighted. And what could be more relaxing than a beautiful bedroom that you can wake up with at night? It is all possible with this Tejo Tejo room designed by Kasior B. Levesches.

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Kasior B. Levesse designed this room having a great passion for vintage and fifties pieces, with its antique wood mosaic on the bedside table, combined with details in imitating the French antique gallery. There are simple but contemporary elements in there, like the matching bedside tables, the floral paintings on the walls and other peculiar details. Everything is so simple and yet so delicate. You feel cozy in there, but you also feel like you are in some great board game, especially with those big chairs. All the details are very inviting and have a special charm.

The whole room looks just like it belongs there, inviting you to drift on that cozy bed and enjoy the nice sound of the waves on the floor. The colorful pillows are also a very nice detail. And if you forget for a moment about all the other details and if you suddenly realize that these are not what you dream at after a long day of work, you will certainly think again. So don’t miss it!

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