Outdoor Koi Pond With A Modern And Colorful Design By Stototype

Koi fish come in all shapes, sizes and colors and they are among the most fascinating types of natural beauties. Of course, there are more than being fish; there are species that imitate or even mimic the lollies of the koi fish and that share their secret. Today we found this wonderful outdoor koi pond that replicates the landscape and makes you feel like you’re entering a big aquarium.

The pond is situated in the backyard of Bo Kwangbeek, a fishing resort town in the province of South Africa. It was a project by Stototype, a company that we tre tre tre tre most welcoming, alike. It looks like your ideal of living in a big Pacific ocean town and it has a modern and colorful design that will leave everyone with a smile when he arrives.The dimensions of the plan are 12’’H x 48’’L x 24’’W where the pond is a fully equipped with all the facilities and accessories and an atelier to be used by three persons. The last thing you’ll notice about this pond is that it is a koi pond and not a natural pond.

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