Colorful Dining Table From Mina Bo Raise Children

Dining tables are a must-have in any home. They are a means of spending time together and, even though differ very in shape and little more than other types of tables, this is the only thing that can stop you from having a nice dinner together with your family. The children need to be happy and productive so that dinner is a constant problem.

So, the Italian company Mina Bo Raise Kids offers you the opportunity to create your own unique dining table. You’ll need a lot of supplies and tools that include a handsaw, plow, hammer, an Ikea Kallax, plywood, sheeting, nails, a chair with plastic base and casters, four round legs and a scrap wood round top.

Colorful Dining Table From Mina Bo Raise Children Photo 2

The table is called Mina Bistro and is a perfect choice for every modern home. The table looks great on the wall and serves many purposes, like perfectly connecting two functions using the table top. And all these for prices between Eur 4.05 – 15.07 EUR per X domain. I would like to know who built this, you’re not allowed to repurpose it.Available on mdfitalia.

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