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House designed in Vietnam has made its neighbor, a resident’s one located in the backyard of a house he shared with his great-grandmother. They have two small children and this neighbor decided to build a special house for him which requires a lot of attention to the health of the family member and overall environment. Very important was to make the house not only functional but also beautiful and useful. The architect decided to design this special house using natural materials and fire and water passive technology.

This beautiful blue color house has three levels. The first one is an art studio and caretaker’s studio with numerous storage spaces. Also there’s a store for kayaks and other animals. The lower level is a guest house/ transfer studio where the owner, his wife, and his kids live. The studio is connected to the back of an outdoor plunge pool which is a great place for hiding when the weather is not right. The building is positioned close to the electrical facilities and has a remote change loop, so the electricity is not needed.

The living area is on the second floor and features a high ceiling and open walls, so the owner can enjoy more space there. The walls are covered with light colored wood, which makes the space seem more spacious and airy. The end of the bamboo walkways forms a pathway that leads to the storage area of the house. It was designed for the owner’s elderly wife and has storage shelves for shoes and books.

Jae Hyo Lee Bk1-4 By [author]Jae Hyoungmy Lee Photo 3

The interior courtyard reflecting the shades of blue in the sky is the special area for a dog. The pergola is made with covered vines that shade it, so the owner can enjoy the shade on that day.

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