Children Bathroom Luxury

The “Jens” line is well known and liked by some and not all. Jens is actually the name of the luxury line that SDA was manufacturing when they made the “Collection O by G notoriouslyson} and it consists of a stylish children’s room, toilet and sink. The box comes in different finish options and is available in a variety of graphic hues, like the white, yellow and brown.

If you want to make some sophisticated and vintage-chic decor and need a very specific furniture for children’ s room, you should know that the furniture from this collection is hand-painted and carefully upholstered in bold colours that can be combined with black, red, blue, grey, yellow and red. The pieces are surprisingly lightweight, so easy to stack on the ground and so handy. The “O” table has a top made of a powder coated steel base and a matching lever seat. The dimensions of this furniture collection are 88.5W x 32.6D x 37H inches and you can buy it for $1,500.

Children Bathroom Luxury Photo 2

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