Kitchen Colosseau Style – The Egg Shaped Table

The colosseau table is probably the most eye-catching of all of them all. It’s not because of its colors or lines but obviously the way it’s been shaped. Designed by Veroljub Milovanovic & Mob stibet, this OJI colocos table could have a very angular look. However, its leaf shape manages to be very elegant and it beautifully complements the table top simply and without disturbing it or making it too eye-catching in the whole picture. The table is available in beech wood or black steel and the top is available in either wood or steel or both, in terms of material and finish.

I particularly enjoy the way the OJI collier looks like. The contrast would be amazing if the leaf was green instead of brown but the in board finish is a black lacquered finish. The Jean colocino is part of a bigger collection of dining room furniture pieces, all featuring similar designs. The Jean colocino is a table with missing corners, with a sleek and elegant shape and with a lacquered wood base and a metal top. The OJI collier is a playful piece, both fun and functional.

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