Blue Fall Decor For A Cozy And Comfortable Home

Finally managed to create this color-blocked mug I don’t know I like but still think the design is charming and unique. All those lines of the old mug seem to be gone, almost lost, thanks to a change of color. The mug is fabulous and was designed by Silvia Orsoni. It all starts with a classic summerhouse in the middle of the Italian countryside. The lines may look simple but the colors used for the design are not extremely eye-catching but rather a play of colors close to the ones originally used in the traditional traditional traditional traditional traditional designs. This is a neutral throughout the mug. Then there’s that rounded and tapered edge that bring even more warmth into the space that allows you to enjoy the warmth and beauty of the place all the while.

It’s nice to have a uniform and cohesive interior design for your coffee mug. This means you should use a limited color palette but in bold tones. The unexpected pairing of colors suits this vintage mug perfectly. It features a charcoal finish and it all features a typical Italian charm.Available from 199$.

Blue Fall Decor For A Cozy And Comfortable Home Photo 2

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