Shower Tub Combination By Antonio Lupi

Many years ago, the old and the new were the concepts of bathroom and it is only now the attractive combinations and designs that succeed to create a desire of everyone. They have created an attractive space which has space for all sorts of objects, colors, furniture and styles. Antonio Lupi is said to have designed the “Shower-Box combination,” (iquesements anyhow!) for Ceramiche Superna street, one of the most prestigious cosmetic brands in the business.

No matter which may you share this wish, there is a solution to please all the eyes. The “SuperbB” shower suite brings together all these elements.

Shower Tub Combination By Antonio Lupi Photo 2

From white to marine blue, the “SuperbB” shower cabin is an attractive, linear space, where you can enjoy all your preferences: wash, rinse or shave. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a range of materials and colors: glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, plastic, chrome, take your time and use all the materials that you need. This will determine the design.

Shower Tub Combination By Antonio Lupi Photo 3

At the heart of this modern and minimalist shower is the “shower arm”. It is made entirely of recycled glass and, besides glass mosaic, you can take a look at the mosaic and recreate its design. In this case, you will need a glass cabinet or a large door, a glass sink and a nozzle, a chrome diver and a sprayer, a hot glue gun and a cutting board. Of course, it all adds up to a beautiful, shiny shower.

Shower Tub Combination By Antonio Lupi Photo 4

The shower arm is the star because it represents the connection between nature and all your senses. It can even be considered a decoration. Check some of the available options to find out more about the meaning of the product.

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