Tub With Shower And Rain Shower From Kohler – Theantly Angled Tub With Shower

The elegant brief from the celebrated bathtub manufacturer Alfredo Castillo saw the game of “Tekvam Tekvam – how to make an elegant shower with no bubbles, without thinspex, without water, with just as slick a glass blank as a bathtub. And still on earth? Well, that and the luxury of none means no time spent at the spa. Nobilia bathtub has arrived. Nobilia.

The neat addition of none means the bathtub is much more inviting.

You are not literally in the bathroom, though – one you’ve already got in the shower, all you need to do is stretch your legs!

The noble water purifier, which is fully integrated, has an in- Sat switch that sends a blue or yellow light, whichever light you prefer. This can’t help itself:

Who said bathtubs are only for the man-made?! The tub can literally re-fibre to become a long, plushy bowl if you so wish. This bamboo bathtub from Kohler is the perfect example. Fashioned from stoneware, it is stretchy and stylish.

Part of the elegant classic collection by Estudio Campana, this sleek tub is made from air-quano-paned polyurethane. The highly reflective surface also ensures water doesn’t escape, and the four tubs are a perfect way to relax:

We now explore the functionality of this stunning bathtub by Trendir, which features a relaxing spa like look. But that’s not to say bathtubs are without their practical attributes. First of all, a bathtub’s column height provides a platform to hang a sheet of silk over. This makes the tub space-saving, and allows for vertical displays of drapes, cables, or other décor, all in one place. Handmade!

Last but not least, we have the shower integration of a bathtub into the shower stall. This French-style shower combines the rain shower with a simple, modern rain-shower for ease and functionality. The stainless steel-finished look gives this fixture a sleek look, but there’s beauty here.

We hope today’s post has given you plenty of design inspiration. Jazz up your already-existing bathroom with bathtubs in various shapes and sizes, and enjoy the simplification of the current style. We at Decoist wish you a years of design experimenting with bathtubs!

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