Asian Style Bathroom Cabinet With Sink

It’s very common for people to have a bathroom in their home, whether it’s a regular one or not. However, bathrooms can be a little too distinguished from the one used in the bedroom. Almost nobody wants to spend time in there. However, there are cases when the bathroom is not inline with the rest of the décor and it doesn’t serve its purpose. In such cases a simple way of making it easily integrate in the rest of the room is great.

Here’s a very beautiful and practical bathroom cabinet that incorporates a bathroom sink, but also a storage space for all the necessary things such as towels, cleaning supplies, etc. This way you can have everything exactly where you need it without wasting a lot of space or making the room feel crowded. The piece is available in two versions, either as a freestanding or built-in piece.

The cabinet features a steel frame that keeps the drain plug and the soap dish free of ugly eyes. This very simple and reliable structure is both durable and very functional. It’s also not to big so it can hold a number of items. In case the cabinet needs to be regularly filled you can replace the soap dish or the sink. The overall dimensions of this product are 41.5?(L) x 9.6?(W) x 1.2?(H). It has a simple design and it only requires a simple cut.Available for 1,290$.

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