Marble Sink Bowl – Practical Yet Elegant And Brilliant

Marble is an exquisite and precious material and this particular design is the perfect choice for any modern and contemporary bathroom. It perfectly perfectly adapts to a variety of decors. Its subtle look, its particular coloring or its combination of white and gray give the design a unique look, the type that makes us layer an entire wall or a small portion or decorative object falls under its attentive use. The design is minimalist and modern, the materials and the decorations are only carefully chosen to create the effect.

This decorative piece of furniture is designed by the famous designer Patricia Urquiola. It has been crafted from a single block of marble and it can be adjusted to the perfect dimensions for the bathroom. The marble has been hand-planed to look like the original marble and to write the character of a poet, alluding to the past.

Of course, the stylized print only applies here because the owner also chooses the print to be the part of the objects or furniture, combining them in a very harmonious manner. The item is available in three different models and variants, according to the request. The most common model if purchased for $1,000.

Marble Sink Bowl – Practical Yet Elegant And Brilliant Photo 3

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