Chair And Footstool By Curtis Jere, Kaarek, Ciofuarere

It is known the fact that children love to play and read, either before their little years, but also before they go to school, also to spend time in their room and so they develop this passion. They may also improve their skills with toys that they make with them when they go on land and when they come back home from the country they have left. But there is also another possibility and it is the chair and footstool that often impress in rooms of the little ones.

The designers of Curtis Jere, Kaarek, Ciofuare tried to attract kids of all ages into the special playful looking child seats called as Jardinelle’s chair and footstool. The Finnish fabric of Marjello is plenty vivid, even though the design is childish. The plain fabric of these chairs is woven with serene white lines that stand for simplicity and for the purpose of safety. The feet of the chairs have a wooden structure and are made of a strong and durable wood but also in a beautiful lacquered color.

The use of glass for furniture is becoming more common and creative. The designers had the idea of using some fresh fabrics and combining them with vintage items. The attention to details is incredible. Theeenpieces are extremely delicate and attractive. The colors used are soft but not very bold. This is a special design. It’s admirable that the whole furniture ensemble seems to be hidden by the bed. You can analyze it in the photos as a singular statement but you can also take it as a collection which shows that kids are children and that simplicity and good taste can be inherited.

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