Designer Nightstands With Built-in Storage

The bedroom is the room that has little use for a little while. It’s relaxing, calm and tranquil and, if we didn’t also take into account this aspect, the situation would very unpleasant. However, there are cases when the room seems so large that it’s impossible to realize you just got there. In such cases you can just improvise. For example, this beautiful mid-century modern bedroom is featuring a beautifully carved out door and elegant built-in wardrobes.

The custom-made nightstands, whatever they may be or what they may be, share the same beautiful and elegant form. The nightstands have high side panels and simple bases with simple straight angles. The nightstands also have a friendly and geometric look.

One might assume this is an old kitchen island. The most relevant detail in this case is the beautiful painted wood finish. The floor of the bedroom is particularly beautiful. The nightstands thus feature a robust base that surrounds the small seat. The area rug also has a similar effect. The colors chosen also allow it to be paired with a matching bed. This bedroom, for which it sued to look contemporary, combine very well the classical pieces of this décor and continue the minimalist style displayed in the same time. This is definitely a cozy bedroom. It’s one of the simplest rooms of the house.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

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Designer Nightstands With Built-in Storage Photo 5

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