Metallic Coffee Table By Antonio Lupi

Nowadays designers try to come up with simple and interesting designs without using too many decorative items and without making things too sophisticated. This is a good example. This is the Metallic Coffee Table that was designed by Antonio Lupi.

It’s surprising how such simple and versatile this coffee table can be. It looks modern and it’s also very functional and practical. The top of the table is made of metal and the whole thing is very thin and sleek. It provides enough space for a laptop, a lamp, even a planter and even a small coffee table. The lamp is made of painted nickel satin aluminum metal. The table has a compact size and a simple and elegant design.

Metallic Coffee Table By Antonio Lupi Photo 3

The Metallic Coffee Table is now available at a special price. It’s not the usual traditional penny table. It’s a beautiful contemporary piece of furniture with a minimalist design and clean simple lines. The dimensions of this beautiful coffee table are 26 1/2 H x 20 In x 16 In. It’s simple and versatile and it allows you to complement it with the appropriate choice of materials and patterns. The table is made of durable metal with a brass finish. It has a polished finish and a beautiful pattern visible on the pattern. Moreover, the table is sealed with a soft non-fading wax. It only comes in one size. It can be purchased for $3,290.

Metallic Coffee Table By Antonio Lupi Photo 5

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