Pub Exterior Panels From John Wardle Architects

The Danish architectural firm John Wardle Architects has created the Ochre House in Sydney, Australia. The unusual external wall panel creates a continuity that allows the house to expand and contract if need be. It is named the Pub House because it is mainly made of paper – a combination between books and newspapers. The house was designed so that the rooms are interconnected but not completely. This was a very clever way of attracting clients. The clients were curious to build such a house and they wanted it to be clean, simple and practical. They could stay in it and the design process was kept as simple as possible.

The internal walls of the house are covered with timber boards that follow the same pattern. The walls are covered in white birch plywood and this gives the house a contrasting look but also makes it seem well-organized and visually comfortable. The interior of the house was designed in two volumes. As a result, the client chose the upstairs bedrooms, which are situated in the darkest. To create some variation, the house was split into two levels.

Pub Exterior Panels From John Wardle Architects Photo 3

Then there’s also the the the ground floor. It includes a library which was also changed to an open plan living and dining space. The kitchen and a dining area can also be found there. By creating these asymmetrical spaces, the architects managed to make the house expand and to offer more floor space. Besides the actual house, there’s also a big expanse of outdoor space which connects the interior spaces of the house to the garden and the nearby ponds.

Pub Exterior Panels From John Wardle Architects Photo 4

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