Kitchen Tiling Patterns By Shirin Design

Tiles are used for covering the floor or for covering the countertops. Sometimes tiles are just “peeling off” tiles or they are applied at the corners of the room. This technique is especially useful for small kitchens, like this one designed by Shirin Design.The delicate tiles look like raindrops that have been cut out of old kitchen tiles.

This created an interesting design for a mosaic backsplash. The patterns are very beautiful and will give a fun touch to your kitchen. The fact that the design is simple makes the tiles look interesting and not busy. The black and white combination looks nice also. Also, the two geometric patterns can be combined in any way you want.

The modern look is taken everywhere you look. For example, this Mediterranean-style kitchen used to be a chaotic and crowded one when this place was built. It’s when this kitchen was transformed by Verchè and A Listening. They were able to appreciate the original features and to create a welcoming, simple and inviting kitchen décor.

Kitchen Tiling Patterns By Shirin Design Photo 3

The mosaic backsplash provides a great focal point and it complements beautifully the subtle lighting, the warm wood accents combined with the crisp white walls. The subtle lighting create an airy and bright atmosphere and the crisp background provides the perfect background. But the most wonderful feature of this kitchen is the rustic finish on the pendant light. It’s almost a rustic detail, but it’s not. The rug has been chosen very carefully and it goes beautifully with the overall rustic touch of the kitchen.{found on home13tletownltk}.

Kitchen Tiling Patterns By Shirin Design Photo 4

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