Mirror For Bathroom Wall With A Mirror By Eleonora

It’s a new interpretation of the old mirror. Nowadays the mirror is much more than just a hardware that supports a vanity. It’s also a modern decoration and an eye-catching accessory no matter how modern and traditional it maybe located. Another interesting thing about mirror is that it’s available in lots and lots of different sizes and for all people.

Eleonora brings a new and very modern aspect to the mirror, more exactly the mirrored design. Now you can have your own mirror all on-wall, without the need to close the whole mirror entirely. This gives you full control and also makes the mirror very …available for any purpose.

Eleonora is a name that knows how to make a statement. This mirror is certainly reminiscent of someone in the same domain, in the same room or in a completely different world: a jewelry designer or a Hollywood star. The iridescence of the mirror behind the mirror is spectacular and it gives style to the entire room, from those who walk into the room to the ones who choose the bathroom for their home.

Mirror For Bathroom Wall With A Mirror By Eleonora Photo 3

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