Japanese Floor Plan For A Modern And Beautiful Home In Howchii Hotspice

This beautiful house was designed by architects Edward Suzuki Associates and it’s located in Howchii, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The house sits on a site measuring 250 m2 and has a total floor area of 410 m2 of the entire floor. The location of the house is very beautiful. The surroundings and the landscape are truly splendid. There are many beautiful buildings surrounding Ka’an, a lake that is surrounded by mountains on all sides. This splendid and quiet rural landscape is perfect for spending peaceful moments in pastoral land. Moreover, the houses nearby are perfect for that purpose.

The K&G House is a perfect example of how the location and the architect’s attitude make it a perfect place to retreat to. The house is organized on two floors. On the first floor there’s the living room, the dining room and the kitchen while the bedroom wing is slightly elevated and comes on top of a platform that forms the terrace. Moreover, when you get up there are 3 openings that will lead to the beautiful landscapes of the site.

The third floor is the bedroom area and the lower floor is where a the master bedroom is situated. This would be the kids wing of the house. It’s basically the public area, the one with the parents. The house even has a desk nearby and the doors on the sides are almost unnoticeable. It’s a very nice example of modern and contemporary design in a very pleasant and cozy combination.{found on archdaily}

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