Studio Shed Kits By Maris Ruzalands

This is a room for people who like fun and who love stories. The shed kits are used for storing toys and other kid’s toys, for helping children with their creative and artistic skills, but also for the purpose of protecting collections of art. The shed is called the “wall of a book” and is made of polycarbonate panels. The shed designed by Maris Ruzalands is manufactured by the Italian manufacturer Mercedes-mori.

As you can see the walls of the shed are laser cut, so the designs are just there for decoration. However, the fact that they work really well and are also simple and ingenious makes them a very nice design for a home. The dimensions of this unusual garden shed are 4.75? wide x 3.25? deep x 1.5? high and it can be bought for $526.00.

Studio Shed Kits By Maris Ruzalands Photo 2

Studio Shed Kits By Maris Ruzalands Photo 3

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