Celebrity Apartments Nyc Barcelona By Marià Castelló Martínez

Founded by Marina Castelló Martínez, Marià Castelló Martínez is a studio specialized in furniture, mosaics and contemporary architecture. The studio’s focus is on all the projects that have gone since their founding in 2001 and what they achieve is nothing short of impressive, usually in the 90s.This studio admires everything that is impossible to achieve nowadays, including space economy, high ceilings, energy efficient bulbs and everything in between. This post is a superficial look at the real scenario, but it should be.This studio occupies a surface of 36 square meters so I guess you can judge by yourself only a limited time and budget

Before starting work, the main idea was to design a space that could combine work, relaxation and well-being. The studio’s focus is on the environment so as many non functional elements had to be incorporated into the design, such as bedrooms or bathrooms. All these functions are minimized.

As you can see, the apartment offers two levels. There’s the working area that has a large transparent glass wall that allows natural light to flood in and the bedroom with a bed that can be raised. This way it creates a perception of larger spaces such as apartments or loft apartments. To highlight all these features, the interior is very colorful and fun.

Celebrity Apartments Nyc Barcelona By Marià Castelló Martínez Photo 4

There are lots of eye-catching details and contrasts that deserve to be highlighted, like the vibrant orange spiral staircase for example or that nice touch of turquoise used for the bathroom. The way the different materials, colors and textures complement each other is wonderful. The result is a balanced and yet colorful and stylish décor.

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