Rustic Living Rooms Designs By Marta Guilar

Most living rooms are, by their very nature, cold. This is not the case for Marta Guilar who designed this very beautiful design for a rather unusual reason. She managed to create a very stylish and balanced environment where the owners can feel comfortable only spending time as they wish and not surrounded by anyone else. As expected, their goal was to create a very friendly and fun environment where they could share time with family and friends and where they could feel relaxed and happy. As a result, there’s lack of spaces, a large floor of open spaces, warm and comfortable furniture, plenty of natural light and they shelters and decorative elements.

The living room is a big space with inviting sofas, comfortable sofas and with ceiling lamps that create a romantic atmosphere. The big windows let the natural light invade the living room in an awesome way. The white walls and the dark-stained wooden floors are the perfect combination. However, the harmony in background is not exactly lacking. A detail that adds contrast and drama to the whole space, especially given the simplicity of the décor.

The owners, a family of four, wanted the interior to be bright and modern, with simple but functional details. They worked with studio Borr Netherlands. They had plenty of space and no worries. They came up with an elegant design for the living room. They turned it into the focal point of the new living room.

They designed a mobile unit that sits on the ground. This way it can easily be moved around and the unit becomes the main attraction of the living room. It’s a good example of how potential buyers can plan a unique décor without being limited by the architecture of the room. The mobile living unit was designed for a courtyard or foyer and it’s exactly the location and the décor that were chosen.

Rustic Living Rooms Designs By Marta Guilar Photo 4

The whole unit is made of various materials. The goal was to create a contemporary look with a traditional touch. The use of wood, glass and metal throughout the living spaces created inviting and pleasant spaces and decors. The kitchen has a dining area, a living area, a partially library and a guest bathroom as well as a study room. The location was really nice.

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