Glass House Designs In Japan By Nafinch Karunasyan

On each road and on a street the main streets are simpler and shorter, typical all the large and huge cities with lawns and fences, only lately springing up these are being divided by eay to open new roads in Japan. As it was done by the architectural firm Nafinch Karunasyan for the Tokyo Whitewater city, the building stands out for its interesting design on each road.

Located in these enclosures of wide tree trunks and weathered wood the building displays its simplistic design. Usually timber frame structures with its raw, unfinished look and exposed timber. Every square inch of the building is used for supporting supporting traditional storages. However, the architects managed to achieve the same look and concept by using an open structure to create the characteristic open terraces facing in front of the building. Off the ground floor the open structure so proudly displays, around the openings, a collection of Japanese paintings.

Glass House Designs In Japan By Nafinch Karunasyan Photo 2

The combination of raw timber and smooth white surfaces has created a modern, intriguing look that contrasts with the traditional look and feel of the residential area. In the courtyard the architects used the same concept, but with a simpler floor plan. From there you can even catch a glimpse at the actual image of the building that is actually from the outside.

Glass House Designs In Japan By Nafinch Karunasyan Photo 3

The interior of the apartment is a nice blend of traditional and modern, featuring a variety of neutral colors and wood tones that make each room cozy and inviting.

The kitchen, one of the areas of the apartment that usually feel like a warm and pleasant part of the home, is done in naturally-polished wood and rich, dark wood tones that contrast with the light walls and create a warm and also bright atmosphere.

Wood is the primary material used throughout the apartment, being used both on floors and on the ceilings. A nice combination of comfort and style!

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