Outdoor Pool Lounge Chair By Moro Design

Modern and elegant pieces of furniture are very popular these days. They have round shapes, they have beautiful designs and the colors are very simple and neutral. Still, they are not that easy to combine and match. Here’s an example of a modern outdoor lounge chair with a typical design that has nothing to do with the typical outdoor furniture.

The lounge chair was designed by Moro Design and it’s part of the Moro Collection. The collection was created in 2012 for Sollentolina. It’s a collection composed of chairs, sofas, armchairs and sofas that solve a very important problem: that of finding the perfect spot for the outdoor lounge chair. This system is so simple, so basic. It’s practical and so elegant.

You can basically use the outdoor lounge chair as any other piece of furniture. It’s very comfortable and relaxing. Moreover, the Lounge Chair has another great advantage. It works great as a table. You can place it parallel to the wall when you use it as a coffee table. This way you create the right angle and the resistance to support your weight.

Even though the lounge chair is lightweight, it’s also very durable. The frame is made of high-quality steel. The seat and back cushions are filled with foam and polyester. The cushions are covered in goose down. This way they will resist you for a very long time and they will also look good. Overall, the lounge chair version is more resistant and friendly to weather. It’s good for small spaces where the design is missing. Also, you can move the chair.

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