50 Sq Meters To Sq Ft Loft In Former Warehouse.

Loft in two old and old warehouse is a spectacular top floor loft design with a modern aspect. The loft is located in Warsaw, Poland, and was designed by Spasmag Apartment Interiors. It’s a 1,185 sq ft one bedroom loft with a modern kitchen located in the former loading dock of the Odys?tych River. And the picture of uniqueness of the space is the kitchen. It’s composed of two distinct panels that can all be positioned along the length of the wall. They then flow out into the main frame and can be completely open to the remainder of the space.

The other panel is particularly interesting. It was composed of 3 modules. They are of flush-fitted MDF modules and they are made of anodized-glazed aluminum. The panels are part of an industrial staircase that connects the three volumes. The overall black and white scheme is similar to the concrete and steel elements found on the site where the structure is located.

50 Sq Meters To Sq Ft Loft In Former Warehouse. Photo 2

The staircase itself is interesting. Since it’s such an unconventional structure, it hasn’t been designed to stand out much. That’s mostly because of all the industrial features that have been used to make it integrate perfectly into the interior. The loft features a staircase divided into several areas. The main living space is a double-height volume that transitions into the reading room. The private spaces are situated on the upper level and the two remaining bedrooms constitute the sleeping zone.{found on dezeen}.

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