Lighting Dining Room With Reclaimed Wood Plank Ceiling, Light Walls In The Kitchen And Island

We just love wood and all the reasons why you should. Wooden floors are naturally warm and cozy and also light, being the ultimate decoration of homes. However, the reality is that they’re not particularly great at this unless youRepurpose. Of course, you need to replace the wood once a certain design element is in place. However, nothing is impossible. Take a closer look at this beautiful dining room, for example. It used to be a rather old and dusty room but it seemed like it’s looking really ready for a new season.

As soon as winter installation was completed it was ready to become a new, fresh and vibrant space. The dining room has a very unusual design and, if we think from the inside out, it’s a perfect match. The wooden beams in the ceiling and on the walls were a very ingenious idea. We can now say that this was a project by New York interior designer Robert Gariz. The living room got white walls, floor and furniture. The living room is very colorful but also very inviting and cozy.

The kitchen is white and it also has a fireplace. The bedroom is very cozy and inviting. It has a rocking chair that almost gives it the familiar look. The master suite is particularly nice because of the built-in fireplace. The residence is not only smart and very convenient, but also stylish and elegant. It would make a lovely family home.{found on skeppsholmen}.

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