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Wall shelves are extremely useful and practical in the kitchen. They allow you to store and display items beautifully and there’s also the possibility to cleverly organize everything according to purpose and to take only items that are useful and in some cases beautiful. The shelves are particularly useful in corners. They allow you to create a very nice display. In just a few seconds, the corner kitchen wall looks like a giant cupboard.

Such a wall shelf would also instantly become a focal point in your kitchen. The great thing about it is that it doesn’t occupy a lot of space. It’s just a shelf that fits exactly in there. The space problem has been solved. You can just use the shelf as a display area and just use a piece of wood for the base. If you don’t need it, a piece of wire mesh should suffice and you can replace it with cork. The idea is very simple and clever.

The shelf looks like a giant cork board and it’s extremely practical. It’s extremely sturdy and strong. It’s a great wall-mounted storage shelf and it provides much freedom when arranging and organizing the items in the corner.Available for $39.

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This is a similar piece of furniture, only with a matte black finish. It has six small compartments and three tall ones, much like the one featured above. The tall portion is perfect for kitchen utensils and the tall one is perfect for utensils for smaller kitchens.Available for $39.

If you don’t need lots of storage in the kitchen, a simple wall-mounted shelf like the one this one can be a very good choice as long as you provide sufficient vertical storage for everything.

This is a medium-sized shelf similar to the one we’ve just presented in terms of shape and size. It measures 96? L x 96? W x 1.5’’ H. it has three rows of wooden compartments which provide plenty of vertical storage and display space for things like plates, herb planters, bowls, teapot plates and all sorts of other things.

On the other hand, if you prefer a simple and plain design for your shelves, this stool should be just what you’re looking for. It comes in a combination of black and white with a matte gold finish and has a timeless look. The dimensions of this chic stool are 17.5’’H x 13’’W x 14’’D, you can buy it for $499.00.

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