Inlay Wood Floors – Floating In The Landscape

Called “Come Fly,” this floating fireplace can be found in an eclectic New England location overlooking the Engadine River. Its name remains apt, don’t you think? The fireplace is set at a location very close to the cottage, standing close to the mature, hardwood yields wither wood or horizontally sown. No two choices will ever be the same however.

Even in the face of the natural wrenes and madrone trees, the wood-burning fireplace is an attention grabber. The fire creates a dramatic, cozy glow that warms up the air, inviting the sound of whirting, swinging, rustling, all around a wonderful, heavenly space.

Like a movie, the fireplace is your focal point. The deep, almost theatrical sets it apart from the rest of the house. From the looks of it, it’s a sculptural, wood-burning fireplace. Source


The O’ Lakehouse was designed to make the most of the glacial spots on the site. Source

The blue waters of the site becomes an integral part of the home, supporting the trusses supporting the fireplace. Source

The homeowners couldn’t just design a simple barn like this. Source

The homeowners couldn’t just design an easy to work of art. They just want this simple barn house. Source

Wasting none of the space, this little structure is the perfect artistically designed home. Source

The grey wood within the stacked beams is offset by the twinkly lights on the floors and flight of large windows. Source

This barn house is a great example of creative finishing. The interior is stunning with the use of materials usually used on sheds. Source

The creative use of wood is a great way to save on the construction costs. Source

This tiny barn house is a real piece of art. Source

This tiny cabin is a real treasure just for you. Source

This tiny barn house is a great way to save space with a tiny footprint. tinyxincurio
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