Beautiful Beach Homes In New Zealand

We’ve seen many beautiful beach homes which got the waterfront treatment but there are some beautiful homes that cantilever over the ocean although they are usually built on beach stealers. This house in New Zealand has a very beautiful one located in Auckland, in the suburb of Ilmare. It was a project by Patrick Tighe-Gibbon Architects.

The house sits on a 5.700 sq m area which is basically only 8 square meters. It has a very simple design. It’s a contemporary structure with a strong visual image. The clients requested a simple plan, with spaces for both indoor and outdoor areas along with private gardens and recreation areas. The project was not an easy space-saver. There were many different types of materials and finishes involved and the finished result was a very diverging residence with lots of focal points. However, there were also many unique design details that were major points which make this design stand out. These are elements that define this house as a very beautiful and modern property.

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Locating the house was not easy and there were many issues with having to deal with the terrain. However, the architects managed to come up with a design that perfectly suits the environment and the specific climate. The design was oriented all their way toward the view and this allowed the lower portion of the house to feature huge windows and glazed surfaces. Of course, the top floor has large rooms connected to such areas. They have views of the ocean on three sides and they have views of perfection.

The Floating Villa by LID Architecture and Design

This is a house located in Gu Long Lu, Singapore. It covers an area of 300 square meters on a trapezoidal site. The site is flanked on all sides and that in turn literally presented all its neighbors with the opportunity to plan the future layout of the house and the structure they envisioned. The challenge of the situation was to find a permanent and inexpensive position for the house while also taking into consideration all the issues that might arise such as the views, the sunlight and the proximity to the beach.

The owners approached LID Architecture and Design when planning the Floating Villa. They’re a young family and had few belongings and little details they didn’t want to throw apart. They wanted the house to be as simple as possible so the architects were ready to take the challenge head on.

The challenge was to maximize the views while alsoTaking advantage of the site’s existing features. The clients wanted to have a beautiful beach house with contemporary design and lots of glass. The fact that the house would float off the side of the road made things a little easier but still.

The roof has a curved form and an undulating canopy and the full potential to be beautiful. The lattice structure is an attraction. The house is a sculpture and one of the main reasons why the designers chose to use that particular shape when designing the house. In order to allow the structure to blend in, to stand out, the designers have excavated the site and included a series of trees into the design.

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