Small Portable Houses For The Young And The Old Alike

This is a collection of small portable houses, a perfect match for those homes available for short-foot lots, calm, comfortable and cozy interiors. The M House was designed and built by New York based HSHarchitects. It’ bends and turns like that in less than 24h. It sounds Rays away at first but as an example of its functional capabilities.

The M House is a two story structure located in New York. It was designed by Andrew Franz Architect and it’s perfect for the owner that always wanted to be able to enjoy living spacious and bright interiors, without feeling crowded. The house is heavily insulated when necessary and offers passive heating and cooling. Another great aspect is the fact that it was prefabricated and assembled in just six weeks. This is possible due to the fact that the site was already very small and the Cypri? style architects substituted modules instead of wooden structures. It’s a really cool and inspiring system.
struct architecture studio hstsouth and built the house themselves an prototype home in a small suburban residential area. This is one of the modules that they unveiled along the way. It’s a prefabricated structure made of lightweight materials that could have perhaps double-ones if needed. The unit is modular and made from a combination of wood and concrete which creates a nice and pleasant contrast. This colorful house was made using a prefabricated shipping container framework and is made to order in only six weeks. A site-specific assembly was prefabricated too. The container base is made of concrete and has a 10 ft. open porch that can be easily transported on site and used to create the structure of the house. There’s a lot of interesting design features to choose from such as the glass window sash, the patio flooring, the metal decking and the perimeter walls which give each module a unique vibe.

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